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We Prove the Value

of Healthcare Products

Most people in healthcare don’t know how to prove a product’s value, so we created a platform that calculates value based on evidence, tracks results, & simplifies the buying process to save time & hit budgets.

Hospitals & Surgery Centers use Valio as their product evaluation process.

Vendors use Valio to clarify their message to focus on where they have proven value.


We know how vendors position products to get them sold, with or without evidence, and we know the process hospitals use to approve or deny products.

We built the solution that helps hospitals & vendors speak the same language of clinical & financial value, so everybody wins.



Founder & CEO

Valio is founded by Gary Stark, former Medtronic Senior Regional Business Director & Medtronic/Covidien Director of Strategic Sales Development.

Gary led sales teams from the East Coast through the Midwest where he was the first and longest serving Senior Regional Business Director.  Gary also served as the Director of Strategic Sales Development for Covidien, where he helped to develop the overall sales strategy for both the Ausosuture & Syneture businesses units.  Additionally, Gary helped to launch internet startup Bountyjobs in New York city, venture backed by Greylock Partners.

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Board Member  Former Medtronic Vice-President of Sales & current CEO of JMH9 Advisors.

John has over 20 years of medical device sales leadership experience, providing disruptive technologies to healthcare hospitals across the US & internationally.  In various leadership roles with US Surgical, Salient Surgical Technologies & Medtronic, he saw the need for Valio as a way to help hospitals make the right product decisions in terms of purchasing, standardization & cost savings.

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Matt Wasserlauf

Board Member  CEO and Founder, VIDEO ICO

Matt Wasserlauf, one of the original disruptors of the TV business, is known as the visionary who revolutionized advertising by enticing television advertisers to invest their marketing dollars online.

He founded Broadband Enterprises (BBE), the industry’s first online video company and co-founded the mobile video platform Torrential. He recently sold Torrential to the television company ITN,  the leading unwired broadcast network. In May of 2019, Matt Wasserlauf launched his newest, and arguably most exciting venture yet, VIDEO ICO; a new digital distribution platform service that utilizes Block-Chain technology to distribute videos. As advertisers continue to shift their attention towards OTT and non-linear television, Matt Wasserlauf created Video ICO to ensure trust, full transparency and verification in the shifting advertising landscape. Learn more at

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