Demanding Value Podcast

with Gary Stark, CEO of Valio, LLC
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Value needs to be delivered in everything you do.


Sales people need to deliver such overwhelming value that their product champions absolutely demand their product.


Purchasers need to demand value of their suppliers, and hold them accountable to it.


"Demanding Value" is the podcast where we dissect both sides of the buyer seller value equation, so everybody wins

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Vice President Strategic Supplier Engagement at Premier Inc.



Meena Medler is the VP of Strategic Supplier Engagement at Premier, the largest Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) in the US.  Prior to joining Premier, Meena was the Director of Strategic Sourcing & Value Analysis at Northwestern Medicine, recognized by Gartner as one of the Top 25 Supply Chain Departments.  As a former physician assistant, Meena has a keen awareness of how to balance clinical and financial value, and how each factor into supply chain decisions. In this episode Meena discusses what Premier and top hospitals are looking for form vendors to quantify value, and dives deep into "risk-share" agreements; what they are, how they are managed, and has a great idea for Innovative Transparency!

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National Accounts Director, Teleflex


John Maverick

How to implement Value Based Agreements

John Maverick, National Accounts Director for Teleflex, tells us the do's and don'ts, the why's and why not's of putting together a Value Based agreement.