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A Credentialing System...for Products.

We crunch the product claims made by vendors to make purchasing decisions simple. 


Backed by Evidence

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What is it?

ClaimCrunch is a credentialing system ...for products. 

Positioned as the front end of your product evaluation process, it is a cloud-based platform where vendors enter the evidence credentials of their products, & Providers & Vendors see both the Clinical & Economic impact.  

Easy evidence-based product decisions are made within the platform, and ClaimCrunch tracks the results to be sure expectations are met.

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How does it work?

We crunch the numbers from peer reviewed clinical journals, product usage, reimbursement, reduced usage of other products, capital, service & 1-time charges.

You get a clinical AND economic impact report for each product, Strength of Evidence ratings, and all key metrics for you to make confident, evidence-based decisions.

Product approvals & denials are done in the system, and results are tracked to be sure expectations are met.

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How does this help you?

By having a front end product credentialing system...

Providers save time, save money, streamline their approval process, reduce inventory, increase standardization, gain physician alignment, and hold vendors accountable to expectations.

Vendors easily show their clinical and economic value with supporting evidence, gain customer alignment to grow their business, and get discovered by providers who need their solutions.

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You have a tough job...

Providers are being asked to cut budgets, reduce inventory, and gain standardization.

Is a vendor's product worth the cost?

Is there solid evidence to support the claims?

Is the product living up to expectations?

Vendors are trying to grow their business where they know they have value.

How do you speak the same language of clinical & economic value with your customer?

How can you show actual results so your customer knows you are adding value?

How can you spread your message?

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We make your job easier.

We Crunch the Product Claims, streamline the Approval Process & Track Outcomes.

Hospitals choose the best products, drive savings, save time, increase standardization, & hold vendors accountable to expectations.

Vendors easily tell their clinical & economic story, prove results, gain customer alignment & grow their business.

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The ClaimCruch process is simple...

Medical Record Analysis


Evaluate Impact Reports as they come in or enter claims on your own.

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Track product results with ClaimCruch to make sure products are living up to expectations.


Let vendors know that ClaimCrunch is the 1st step in product evaluation, and to enter their evidence credentials.

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Use the ClaimCrunch Approval Process to collaborate with all stakeholders to approve or deny products.

Medical Record Analysis


Below are examples of reports that will help you make confident, evidence-based decisions.




Claim Value & Strength-1.png

Claim Value & Strength-1.png

Value by Procedure-1.png

Value by Procedure-1.png

Results tracking - 1.png

Results tracking - 1.png

Reduced usage - 1.png

Reduced usage - 1.png




We know how vendors position products to get them sold, with or without evidence, and we know the process hospitals use to approve or deny products.

We built the solution that helps hospitals & vendors speak the same language of clinical & economic value.



Founder & CEO

ClaimCrunch is founded by Gary Stark, former Medtronic Senior Regional Business Director & Medtronic/Covidien Director of Strategic Sales Development.

Gary led sales teams from the East Coast through the Midwest where he was the first and longest serving Senior Regional Business Director.  Gary also served as the Director of Strategic Sales Development for Covidien, where he helped to develop the overall sales strategy for both the Ausosuture & Syneture businesses units.  Additionally, Gary helped to launch internet startup Bountyjobs in New York city, venture backed by Greylock Partners.

John Hironimus.jpg


Board Member  Former Medtronic Vice-President of Sales & current CEO of JMH9 Advisors.

John has over 20 years of medical device sales leadership experience, providing disruptive technologies to healthcare hospitals across the US & internationally.  In various leadership roles with US Surgical, Salient Surgical Technologies & Medtronic, he saw the need for ClaimCrunch as a way to help hospitals make the right product decisions in terms of purchasing, standardization & cost savings.

Matt Wasserlauf.jpg

Matt Wasserlauf

Board Member  CEO and Founder, VIDEO ICO

Matt Wasserlauf, one of the original disruptors of the TV business, is known as the visionary who revolutionized advertising by enticing television advertisers to invest their marketing dollars online.

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