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Invite Vendors

Invite your vendors to join Valio & make it the front end of your product evaluation process so you can get the most out of the platform. 

There are 3 simple options to make that easy.

Doctor and Patient
Let us do it for you

Download the spreadsheet by clicking the green Excel icon below.  Fill in your vendor contact information, send it back to us, and Valio will invite them on your behalf.

Surgeons During Operation
Invite Individual Members

Complete the form at the following link and a notification will be sent to each individual you choose. 

Doctor and Patient
Vendor Credentialing System Message

Send a message to your vendors though your vendor credentialing system. 

Below is sample text...



I wanted to invite you to an exciting new platform we will be using for our product decisions called Valio.


Valio is a platform that allows vendors and hospitals to speak the same language of both the Clinical AND the Economic impact of products, and track the results. This will allow us to make better decisions, and allow you to grow your business where you have a proven impact.


Please note that 100% of our product decisions will go through Valio, so I look forward to having you sign up ASAP.


Just go to to get started!

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