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You have been tasked with reducing your budget... 

But physicians are demanding new products, & sales reps keep calling. 

​How do you know if a product is worth the price?

How do you gain alignment with clinicians?

Doesn't a patient deserve to have the best product for their treatment?

We clear the clutter to help you make great product decisons.

We know that you are the key to a patient having the best product for their treatment, and all of the pressures you are under to make that happen. 

Budget cut mandates, physician demands, too much data...   it can be completely overwhelming.  

We know, because we've been there.

With over 40 years of medical device sales experience, we know the work it takes to approve a product, how to cause confusion with data, and how to leverage relationships to drive product sales.  


This is wrong, and we want to help be your guide to make sure it doesn't happen anymore.



Invite your vendors to join Valio as the 1st step in your product evaluation process.


Review Valio Impact Reports as vendors submit their info.


Collaborate with your team on the Decision Board for aligned decisions.


Track results to prove expectations.

What's at Stake?

A recent article in Becker’s showed that an average hospital can save over $12 M by reducing unnecessary supply chain expenses.  This is regardless of size or location, and without compromising care. 


This amount is equivalent to each of the following:

  • The average annual salaries of 165 registered nurses

  • 50 primary care physicians

  • The average cost of 3,100 knee implants.

Envision This...

A world where you can be confident in the true value of a product, with a smooth flowing decision process. 


Budgets are hit, time is saved, and patients receive the best product for their treatment. 


You are the key to these successful outcomes, and we want to help.

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