2 Simple Steps

As a Valio Vendor, there are 2 simple steps to getting the most out of the platform.

Step /02: Create & Submit a Quote

Step /01: Product Details & Evidence

Medical Record Analysis
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Medical Record Analysis

Treatment Group

Product - Procedures (Conditions) - Patients

What is the Product, & what Procedures / Conditions & Patient Populations will it used with

Product Claims & Evidence

What are the approved claims for the "Product - Procedures (Conditions) - Patients" entered in the previous step, & supporting evidence.

Another way to think of Claims is the Reason to use the product.

Pricing, Usage, Reductions & Reimbursement

What physicians want to use the product, will they reduce usage of other products & estimated reimbursement values.

Incentives, Financials & Details

You have the option to offer incentives, show the financial breakdown of your offer & provide details such as revenue & market share requirements.

To see an example of how to enter information, click below.



The Answers You Need

What type of evidence is provided?

Evidence is typically from peer reviewed clinical journals, and most journal abstracts can be found on Pubmed. The more evidence to support your product claims, the better the Strength of Evidence rating will be.

Evidence will be for 3 values:

How often does the problem occur that the product impacts?
For example, if the product claims to reduce infection in abdominal hysterectomies for patients over 65 years old, Frequency evidence would provide a value for how often infections occur in patients over 65 years old following a abdominal hysterectomy procedure.

02 / COST
What is the cost of the problem?
In the above example, what evidence speaks to the financial Cost of infection in patients over 65 years old following abdominal hysterectomy?

What is the impact your product has on the problem?
Following the same example, what evidence supports the Impact the product has on reducing infections in patients over 65 years old following abdominal hysterectomy?

Can 1 piece of evidence provide more than 1 value?

Yes. 1 piece of Evidence can provide data for all 3 Values of Frequency, Cost & Impact, OR it can provide data for just 1 (i.e. Impact only), or even 2 (i.e. Frequency & Impact, but not Cost). Only enter the data point that is relevant for each piece of Evidence.

What if the vendor doesn't have evidence for one of the values of Frequency, Cost and/or Impact?

No problem. While it is better to provide supporting evidence, if the vendor doesn't have it they will enter what they think the appropriate value is, and choose Level 5 for the Level of Evidence.
Valio allows healthcare providers to track results, so if the vendor doesn't have evidence, they can prove the values by tracking the results.
Healthcare providers can update & override the final Frequency, Cost & Impact numbers if they don't think what was entered is valid for their institution.

How are the final Frequency, Cost & Impact values calculated if multiple values are entered for each?

An average of each Frequency, Cost & Impact value is calculated based on each piece of evidence entered.

How is the Strength of Evidence Calculated?

The strength of evidence is based ,on industry standard guidelines, factoring how many pieces of evidence are provided, and the Level of Evidence of each. 

How do I know the Level of Evidence?

You can use our 1st ever Level of Evidence calculator.